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Chemical Engineering

First year

Semister I Semister II
Paper Code Subject
BF1 Mathematics - I
BF2 Chemistry
BF3 English for Communication
BF4 Electrical Technology
BF5 Mechanics
BF6 Introduction to Manufacturing Process
BF2P Chemistry Practical
BF4P Electrical Technology Practical
Paper Code Subject
BF7 Mathematics - II
BF8 Applied Physics
BF9 Fundamental of Computer
BF10 Basic Electronics
BF11 Engineering Drawing and Graphics
BF8P Applied Physics Practical
BF10P Basic Electronic Practical

Second year

Semister III Semister IV
Paper Code Subject
BSCH1 Mathematics III
BSCH2 Thermodynamics
BSCH3 Transport Processes
BSCH4 Non-conventional Energy Engg.
BSCH5 Electrical Machine
BSCH2P Thermodynamics Practical
BSCH5P Electrical Machine Practical 
Paper Code Subject
BSCH6 Society, Environment & Engineering
BSCH7 Intro. to Process Calc. & Flowsheeting
BSCH8 Numerical Methods
BSCH9 Heat Transfer
BSCH10 Organic & Inorganic Chemistry
BSCH 7P Intro. to Process Calc. & Flowsheeting Practical  
BSCH 8P Numrical Methods Practical

Third year

Semister V Semister VI
Paper Code Subject
BTCH1 Mass Transfer Operations –I
BTCH2 Fluid Flow
BTCH3 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics –I
BTCH4 Chemical Equipment Design
BTCH5 Operation Research
BTCH1P Mass Transfer Operations – I Practical
BTCH 2P Fluid Flow Practical
Paper Code Subject
BTCH6 Mechanical Operation
BTCH7 Strength of Materials
BTCH8 Material Science
BTCH9 Mass Transfer operation - II
BTCH10 Industrial Economics & Management
BTCH6P Mechanical Operation
BTCH9P Mass Transfer operation - II

Final year

Semister VII Semister VIII
Paper Code Subject
BECH1 Process Engineering
BECH2 Instrumentation & Process Control
BECH3 Industrial Safety
BECH4 Process Simulation & Design
BECH5 Elective
BECH2P Instrumentation & Process Control Practical
BECH4P Process Simulation & Design Practical
Paper Code Subject
BECH6 Environmental Engineering
BECH7 Project Engineering & Management
BECH8 Reactors Design
BECH9 Project
BECH6P Environmental Engineering
BECH5- I Biochemical Engineering
BECH5-II Polymer Engineering
BECH5-IV Petrochemical & Refining Technology



10th -12th September 2010

15th -17th October 2010

Diwali Break
28th October -7th Nov. 2010