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मैं विगत 22 वर्षों से सरस्वती देवयन्तो हवन्ते के पूजारी जन्नूभाई द्वारा स्थापित एवं विकसित राजस्थान विद्यापीठ (डीम्ड टू बी) विश्वविद्यालय में कार्यरत हॅू विद्यापीठ विश्वविद्यालय ही नहीं उससे भी कुछ अधिक है जिसे परिभाषित करना कठिन हैं।



Smart Classroom :

The department consists of well-equipped & well-furnished smart classrooms which provides the necessary tools for faculty members to incorporate a wide range of media in instruction, save the annotation of the course content presentation, and to enrich student learning experience through interactive discussions.


Computer Labs:

The department consists of state - of- the- art well equipped two computer labs, digital lab and business communication lab.for faculty as well as students to learn and improve the programming and communication skills and also to perform research in the various computer fields such as:

Computer graphics, web technologies, building enterprise applications, databases, data mining, networking, operating systems, Android, JAVA and LINUX. SMART CLASSROOM DCS & IT Consists of the best labs with 150 terminals and Internet facilities for the students and teachers. The labs are well equipped with teaching aids such as LCD Projectors and Scanners. The College makes all its students conversant with modern learning aids. The entire campus is Wi-Fi connected.


Digital Lab:

In the digital lab, students learn the basics of hardware and it makes the students to:
1. To Learn and understand digital logic circuits.
2. To Learn Assembling of the Hardware.
3. To Learn Networking & Trouble shooting.
4. To Learn Installation of various Operating Systems.
5. To Learn Exploration of Hardware architecture.


Communication Lab:

The lab is well equipped with multimedia systems and software for improvement of communication skills and personality development, as it is one of the basic needs not only in IT industry but also everywhere.



A library is the heart of an academic institution. Our institution encourages all students and staff members to make the best use of the library that has been carefully built up since the inception of the college. The Library is well-stocked and fully-computerized. It has various text and reference books (Book volumes 12406, Book titles 1900) with 15 research journals and a wide range of audio - visual materials including 1000 CD's to supplement to healthy learning environment covering almost all aspects of Computer Science & IT. It regularly subscribes to about 08 Periodicals including different types of newspapers such as Times of India, The Hindu, The Economic Times, Patrika, Bhaskar, Navbharat Times Etc.The Library has a "Book Bank" facility which consist of core texts books and which are issued to all students for the whole academic year.



  • A big audio visual hall to accommodate 250 Students
  • Latest public address system
  • LCD Projector with a system support
  • VCD and Slide Projector
  • Transport & accommodations facilities for the personnel from the various company coming for the campus interview.



2nd March, 2018

1st March, 2018

13th February, 2018