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The department of Physiotherapy, a constituent unit of the Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University, Udaipur is the pioneer institution which offers Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.T.) & Master of physiotherapy (M.P.T.) 


Eligibility And Admission Procedure

             Candidates who have passed 10+2 Senior Secondary Examination of Rajasthan Education Board or equivalent examination with English and Physics, Chemistry & Biology as optional subjects or equivalent examination and with 45 percent marks in aggregate of Physics, Chemistry and Biology in general category.  In case of candidates belonging to Scheduled caste /Scheduled Tribes the minimum percentage of marks shall be 40 percent in the qualifying subjects and in case of OBC the minimum percentage of marks shall be 42 % in the qualifying subjects.
             A candidate seeking admission to Bachelor of Physiotherapy course should have completed 17 years of age, as on 31st December of the year of admission.
             Every candidate before admission to the course shall furnish to Principal of the Institution a certificate of Medical Fitness from an authorised Government Medical Officer to the effect, where that the candidate is physically fit to undergo the Physiotherapy course.
             The duration of the Bachelor of  Physiotherapy Course shall be 4½ years ie  Four years  degree and six months internship
             English shall be the medium of instruction  for all the subjects of study and for the examination of the Bachelor of  Physiotherapy Course.
            The Course of study are shown in Tables I to IV
 The detailed syllabus in respect of the course is appended to this regulation.
             A candidate is required to attend at least 80 % of the total classes conducted in a year in all subjects  prescribed for that year, separately, in theory and practical / clinical to become eligible to appear for the university examination in the first attempt. The principals should notify at their college the attendance details at the end of each term without fail, under intimation to the University.
It shall be based on evaluation of periodic tests of assignments, clinical presentations etc. Regular periodic examinations should be conducted throughout the course. Although the question of number of examinations is left to the colleges, there should be a minimum at least three (3) sessional examination during I, II , III  &  Final year. The average of marks should be reduced to 20 and 10 for Theory and Practical respectively and sent to the University before the University examination as per notification. Proper record which forms the basis of the Internal Assessment should be maintain for all students and should be available for scrutiny. The marks of periodical test should be display on the students notice board by Principal. 
 There will be two examinations in a year, I annual examination and II a supplementary examination to be conducted as per notification issued by the University from time to time.
             First, Second, Third and Final Examination of Bachelor of Physiotherapy course shall be held at end of 1st year, 2nd years, 3 rd years and 4th years respectively.
             The examination for main subjects shall be conducted by the University and for subsidiary subjects by the respective college.
 a.      Main Subjects
A candidate is declared to have passed an examination in a subject, if she /he secures 50% of the marks in theory and 50% in practical separately.
b.      Subsidiary Subjects.
For a pass in subsidiary subjects, a candidate shall secure 35% of the total marks prescribed for the subject. The marks obtained should be sent to the University 15 days prior to the commencement of University examination.
 a.       A successful candidate obtaining 75% and more marks in the Grand Total Aggregate in the first attempt shall be declared to have passed these subjects with distinction A successful candidate obtaining 60% and more but less than 75% of the marks in the Grand Total Aggregate in the first attempt shall be declared to have passed these subjects with First Class. A successful candidate obtaining 50 % and more but less than 60% of the marks in the Grand total Aggregate in the first attempt shall be declared to have passed these subjects with Second Class and a candidate who passes in more than one attempt will be placed in Pass Class, irrespective of the percentage of marks secured. 
 b.      Ranks shall be declared on the basis of the aggregate marks obtained by a candidate in the University subjects of  the course. Only those candidates who have passed all
c.       The subjects in all examinations including the University examinations in the first attempt shall be eligible for the award of rank. 
 Candidates who have failed in any subjects in first year can attend his / her classes in the II year but will have to pass these subjects in the supplementary examination before the II year examination. The above mentioned rule is applicable for the other two years also i.e. II and III year examination. Again, if a candidate fails in any of the subjects in the IV year i.e. the final year, he/ she won’t be able to start their six months internship unless they pass these subjects in the supplementary examination.
             There shall be six months of Internship after the final examination for candidates declared have passed the examination in all the subjects. Internship should be done in a teaching hospital recognized by the University . No candidate shall be awarded degree certificate without successful completing six months of Internship. The Internship should be rotatory and cover clinical brand concerned with Physiotherapy such as Orthopaedics, Cardiothoracic including ICU, Lapro Paediatrics, General Medicine. Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology .



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