Today the institute is mainly composed of : 1. Department of Languages, 2. Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology. There are of course independent cells like Antiquity, Archival, Publication, Archaeological lab cum workshop. The institute has a small museum which was raised a few years ago. It has a large variety (over 1000 objects) of archaeological material ranging from early Stone Age to medieval period.  

The institute has two class rooms, six toilets with 24 hours running water, departmental library, parking facility, play ground, internet, Grievance and redressal committee, office, ramp for handicapped people.


Archival Cell


In the fifties and sixties of the last century, several thousand manuscripts, ranging from the 14th to 19th century belonging Ayurved, Jyotish, literature, Yog, Yantra, Mantra, Sakun Sastra, Animal Husbandry, Vastu, History, Mathematic and Philosophy were collected from various parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is now a unique collection in the institution. Besides these, there are a very large number of litho-prints too.

A fumigation chamber was added to the archival cell with the financial support of National Archives of India under the scheme of preservation and conservation of manuscripts rare books and documents (2013-14).


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A small museum of archaeology is raised in the institute. It has a large variety of material ranging from Early Stone Age to late medieval times. Over one thousand objects including stone tools, pottery, metal, stone and terracotta, shell, objects are under display. It has also material from West Asia. The Ahar pottery, Hardpans and non Harappan objects are special attraction of this gallery.






Total Books 15836


Sanskrit 2561
Archaeology 1756
Hindi/ Rajasthani 3591
Others 2885
Reference books 1313
Journals 54
Hindi 17
English 37
International 2



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1st January, 2018