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  1. There are over 110 research publications to the credit of the institute.
  2. Our research journal Sodh Patrika published regularly since 1947 has been acknowledged b y UGC. It is a peer reviewed journal of arts and humanity.
  3. We have thousands of manuscripts, ancient Rajasthani folk songs, and litho prints in our collections.
  4. Celebrated Platinum Jubilee of the institute in November (7,8, and 9) 2016 by organising conferences and publication of a Smarika and other publications.
  5. The institute has successfully completed archaeological excavation at about half a dozen sites ranging from Bronze Age to Medieval times.
  6. Documentation of monuments including fort walls, watch towers, temples, step wells and other structures of Udaipur town is initiated by the institute.
  7. A Heritage conservation committee of experts from different walk of life is formed under the leadership of Vidyapeeth. This committee will prepare a ground report of ancient monuments with the help of various projects. Finally, it will be submitted to the government and local bodies with suggestions. This committee will work as advisory body to UIT and other bodies of government for protection of the monuments.
  8. The enlargement of museum is in the process. We have now prepared model of an ancient zinc smelting furnace discovered from Zawar.
  9. The institute has collaborated for research with over a dozen national and international institutions.
  10. An intensive archaeological survey is planned in Girwa Tehsil in the winter to train students of archaeology.
  11. The faculty has been awarded International Fellowships and visiting positions.
  12. (One of the faculty was awarded JSPS (Japan Society for Promotion of Science) in 2001-02 and Visiting Professorship for one year in 2004-05).
  13. The faculty has presented research paper in international conferences in Japan,
  14. China, Vietnam, Iran, Turkmenistan, France, Italy and Austria




  1. One of the faculties has been awarded as best teacher by Bhaskar and Bajaj group in 2014.
  2. About a dozen students of the Institute have been teacher by Bhasker and Bajaj group in 2005 and 2014.



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