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Institute of Rajasthan Studies

2012 to 2017

Chandravati Archaeological Research Project  (on going)

Archaeology and Museum, Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur

Rs. 27.64 lacs spent by the state department in the field study at Chandravati


2013 to 2016

Kanmer Archaeological Research Project (on going)

Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan

Rs. 3.13 lacs spent by the Japanese scholars in the field


2012 to 2017

Desertification in Afro-Asian Region  (on going)

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan  (RIHN)

Rs. 2.00 lacs spent by the Japanese scholars for the joint field work

 Books Published

2015 Dharohar by J.S. Kharakwal and Sriraman (Financial support of Archaeological Survey of India)

2.      2105 Sodh Partika vol 66 (Ed. J.S. Kharakwal and K.S. Vyas)

3.      2105 KANMER: A unique Harappan township in Kachchh, Gujarat. By J.S. Kharakwal

4.      2015 ZAWAR: The oldest pure zinc production centre of the world. By J.S. Kharakwal

5.      2015 The archaeology of Rajasthan. By J.S. Kharakwal

6.      2016 Shodh Patrika Vol. 67.  2016. (Ed. J.S. Kharakwal and K.S. Vyas)

7.      2016 Heerak Jayanti Smarika. 2016.  (Eds. J.S. Kharakwal, K.S. Vyas, M. Ameta and K. P. Singh.

8.      2016 Excavation at Chandravati, Sirohi, Rajasthan Ed. J.S. Kharakwal

2016 Prehistoric Rajasthan by Kul Shekhar Vyas




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