Manikya Lal Verma Shramjeevi College was founded in 1956 as a constituent unit of Rajasthan Vidyapeeth. It was started as an evening college to provide opportunities of higher education to the students who worked during the day time and were interested in studying in the evening. This college began as an arts college but gradually the faculties of commerce and science were also added. Now it is a multi-faulty post graduate college which offers M.Phil. and Ph.D programmes also besides a number of diploma courses. Its extension in the form of evening college offers a number of courses in addition to B.A., M.A. It offers L.L.B., L.L.M. and courses in Yoga, Counseling and Guidance , M.A.Psychology etc. which are offered in the afternoon and evening. The college conducts a number of co-curricular activities also including N.C.C. ,N.S.S., sports and games, cultural programmes, vocational and career guidance etc. Located at the heart of the city, it has a beautiful ambience with a lush green campus ans a well developed infrastructure including a very rich library.




  • Set a benchmark in imparting professional education and producing creative brains.
  • To play a significant role in the development of skilled men power and contribute to the growth of the country
  • Provide excellent facilities and infrastructure for quality education.