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This a Metter of great pleasure that Udaipur School of Social work is ready to take


The Udaipur School of Social Work Alumni Society

Alumni 2017

The society was formed on Feb,17,2001 with a grand Alumni Meer It was formally registered on April 26,2002 )Reg.No.85/Udaipur) (2002-2003) with the main objective of strengthening the profession and institution through student welfare/development and job placement.

Alumni meet

26 June 2016

 An alumni meet was organized on 26th June 2016 at Gurugram for 2005 to 2010 student of Udaipur School of Social work. As majority of the of USSW family use to work in the national capital region the department has decided to organize this event in the NCR to get the involvement of higher number of students. The alumni meet was organized in a cordial manner, first registration of the members was done followed by experience sharing sessions. The group shared their views on the latest changes taking place in HR arena as well as changes, developments and new initiatives in the development sector also discussed by Mr.Bhaskar Dhariwal and Mr.Prabhakant jain



7th November, 2018

Annual Report
28th July, 2018

1st March, 2018

13th February, 2018

2nd March, 2016