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Course Overview

Evaluation Scheme
In all the Semester Examinations, candidates must obtain for a pass at least 36 percent marks in each course and 40 percent of the aggregate marks. No Division will be assigned on the result of the I, II and III Semester’s Examinations. The division will be awarded at the end of the IV Semester Examination for which marks of all the four semester examinations will be taken together.

First Division - 60 percent of the aggregate marks.
Second Division - 50 percent of the aggregate marks.
Third Division - 40 percent of the aggregate marks.

A student failing in the examination in any one of the three i.e. theory, field work or research and clearly passing in the remaining two, subject to the condition that none of his theory papers is due, shall be covered as per one of the clauses, which ever is applicable given below :

1. A Student passing in theory but failing in field work will in future in the same semester complete the field work and all its requirements by seeking admission as a regular student with prior permission of the University and also paying one third of the total college fee and full examination fee. He will not be required to reappear in the theory examination again and marks obtained by him earlier shall be considered.

2. A student passing in field work and failing in theory shall be allowed, with prior permission of the University and paying University examination fee, appear in the theory examination as an ex-student.

3. A student passing in theory and field work but failing in research project, shall be allowed with prior permission of the University and paying University examination fee, by seeking admission in the third semester and appear in the examination of the fourth semester by completing the research project work.
In a professional course like Social Work, maximum emphasis is laid on responsibility and regularity in work and good conduct and exemplary behaviour by the students. The students must have a minimum of 75 per cent attendance in theory classes failing which they may not be allowed to appear in the University examinations. In each course, 5 marks have been allotted for attendance.
Field Work
In the first part the students are placed for field work in the Community Centres run by the Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth (Deemed-to-be University) in rural areas and other agencies which serve as laboratories for students of Social Work and the faculty members of the School. Placement in these and other Social Welfare agencies are made by the Coordinator/Incharge of Field Work.
In the second part, field work placements are made in line with special courses opted by the students. Those opting for the field of Human Resource Management are placed in the factories and mines in and around Udaipur, while the others are placed according to their chosen field of specialization.
Field work is on all the Fridays and Saturdays during both the parts and the students must complete at least 150 (one hundred fifty) hours of actual field work in each semester and by working for at least 25 weeks in each part. Marks will be awarded on the basis of evaluation by internal supervisors and performances in Viva-Voce.
Towards the beginning of the Semester-II, each student will have to prepare the design and tools for conducting an individual/group research project for which data will have to be collected during the summer vacations and the writing up of the research project shall be completed in Semester-III & Semester-IV of the Second Part. The final and typed draft of the research project will be submitted in duplicate by the student. The Coordinator/Incharge of Research issues necessary guidelines regarding research which will have to be strictly followed by the students.
The research project shall be type-written and submitted in duplicate so as to reach the office of the Registrar three weeks before the commencement of theory examinations. The Project Report and Viva-Voce will carry 200 marks.
Block Placement
After the Semester-IV University examinations are over, the students have to complete a two-month practical training (block placement) in an appropriate agency under suitable guidance. It is important that they have to complete this training and send the required report etc. at the earliest to the teacher incharge . It is only on the satisfactory completion of this training and submission of certificates, diaries etc, the University will award the degree. NSS
The National Service Scheme Programme will be undertaken by the students of M.A. Part-I and II.
Games and Sports
The school also provides facilities for games like Table Tennis, Badminton, Volley- Ball etc. The School also organizes inter-class games competitions and participate in Inter-college Tournaments organized by the University. The Annual Sports meet is also organized by the School.
Forum for Social Workers Since the students of Social Work will have to play a role in the development of their profession, all the students have members of the Forum for Social Workers. The office bearers of the Forum will consist of six members three from Part-II and three from Part-I in the order of merit. The Forum will guide the students in all professional, curricular, extra-curricular and other student activities, and will represent the students at the University and other Forums.
Games and Sports
The School will organise Study Tour of Students in second year of the course so that they may get exposure of working of different organisations and communities.



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