Dean Message


मैं विगत 22 वर्षों से सरस्वती देवयन्तो हवन्ते के पूजारी जन्नूभाई द्वारा स्थापित एवं विकसित राजस्थान विद्यापीठ (डीम्ड टू बी) विश्वविद्यालय में कार्यरत हॅू विद्यापीठ विश्वविद्यालय ही नहीं उससे भी कुछ अधिक है जिसे परिभाषित करना कठिन हैं।


Community Centers


The Community Centres Department is one of a constituent department of lok Shikshan Pratisthan ( the Institute of Adult , Continuing & Extension Education ) Rajasthan Vidyapeeth ( Deemed ) University Udaipur , established by late pt. Janardan Rai Nagar , on 21 " August 1937 . This department was established in July 1953 under the special scheme of Government of India , during the first year plan , on the pattern of Danish Folk High Schools . These is a permanent department and receiving 90% granti-aid from Directorate fo Elementary Education , Govt. fo Rajasthan , Bikaner , since 1967 as a special institution .

The main objective behind establishing these centres is to provide education , training , and other facilities to the families of backward and downtrodden sections of the society , specially living in the rural and tribal area of Udaipur district .

The following 5 community centres are being run under this department :

1 Mahila Mangal Bharti Samudayik Kendra , Bedla ( Badgaon )
2 Jan Bharti Samudayik Kendra , Kanpur ( Girva )
3 Aranya Bharti Samudayik Kendra , Nai ( Girva )
4 Shereya Bharti Samudayik Kendra , Sakroda ( Girva )
5 Adivasi Bharti Samudayik Kendra , Teedi ( Girva )


Working Staff

S.N. Name Designation
1 Sh. Sushil kumar Dashora Diractor
2 Sh. Harish Gandharva Coordinator
3 Sh. Rakesh Jhamriya Coordinator
4 Sh. Bhanwar lal Sisodia Assistant Coordinator
5 Sh. Tulsi Ram Vyas Assistant Coordinator
6 Sh. Chunni das Vaishnav Assistant Coordinator
7 Sh. Shankar lal Chaplot Assistant Coordinator
8 Smt . Snehlata Dhupiya Assistant Coordinator
9 Sh. A.R. Jeevwan Assistant Coordinator
10 Sh. Mukesh Nandwana Assistant Coordinator
11 Sh. Balheng Damore Assistant Coordinator


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