Dean Message


मैं विगत 22 वर्षों से सरस्वती देवयन्तो हवन्ते के पूजारी जन्नूभाई द्वारा स्थापित एवं विकसित राजस्थान विद्यापीठ (डीम्ड टू बी) विश्वविद्यालय में कार्यरत हॅू विद्यापीठ विश्वविद्यालय ही नहीं उससे भी कुछ अधिक है जिसे परिभाषित करना कठिन हैं।


Paper I Gender and Society

Unit 1:
Concept of Gender and Gender Identity Formulation

  • from biological identity of sex to social identity of Gender
  • Gender Divisions of Labour
  • Patriarchy: Structure and its functioning with social institutions

Unit 2:
Concept of Development and Its Historical Development

  • Concept of Development, Pre-requisites and Principles
  • Social Change, Development and Modernisation
  • Difference between Growth and Development
  • Development with Human Face and Sustainable Development

Unit 3:
Status of Women in Indian Society

  • Condition of women in different Societies in India?
  • Status of Women in different Sectors of Development
  • Social Problems related to Women

Unit 4:
Women, Environment, Migration and Displacement

  • Relationship between Environment and Women
  • Women and Displacement
  • Women and Migration

Unit 5:
Women’s Movement, Organisations and NGOs

  • Women’s Movement and Issues of Development
  • Formation of Women’s Organisation: New Leaderships and Development of Women’s Networks
  • NGOs and Their Strategies of Management of Gender Issues
  • Gender Matrix

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