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Manikya Lal Verma Shramajivi Evening College Phone: - 0294-2426432 Yoga center Yoga will be re-operated for one year by the year 2014-2015 in the Yoga Education.

National level on the occasion of additional yoga and mental health The seminar will also be attempted by the center. Diploma Courses in Yoga Education Training fee 12,000 / - education fee has been set for the student / student fee for the admission in the course.

Which will be taken at the time of the entry Medium: The medium of teaching will be Hindi. Or can take the exam in English medium. Duration: The duration of the course will be one year (full time). According to the university's academic session. Access Capacity: Total 40 locations have been set for the students in the syllabus.

Minimum qualifications for admission: Interest in Yoga with no marks in the recognised university (10 $ 2 $ 3). Health and Character Certificates: Mandatory will be payable. Students who are suffering from any chronic disease can not be admitted in this course and if they are not found to be mentally healthy then their access will be cancelled based on the advice of the physician. Reservation: Scheduled and periodically scheduled by the State and Government of India, about which the instructions are received (S.G.: 16 S.AZ: 12 S.A. Other Backward Classes 21 Ses)

Access Exam: In the course, there will be two level eligibility examination for the entrance examination in which the written examination for which 50 marks are prescribed. On July 18, 2015, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. will be held at the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Mohanlal Sukkadia, Udaipur and on July 18, 2015, the experimental examination and interview whose score is 50, the University Yoga Center MB .

College ground, Udaipur will start from 8 am and entry will be given on the merit list of both. Written exam: Objective questions for access, which will be based on general knowledge related to Ashton Yoga, Body Composition and Sree Kriya and Yoga Darshan. Other conditions for the admission will remain in accordance with the University Brochure. Hostel: Facilities for staying in the university hostel are also available for the students at a reasonable charge.  

Course details

  • 1. Yearly Seminary (Written) Examination: Four oral lectures will be class every day. It will be subject to five studies.
  • 2. Practice teaching: Lesson plan will be there.
  • 3. Experimental classes: Two hours per day: two hours of compound practice.
  • 4. Attendance: 75 percent attendance must be compulsory for the course.
  • 5. Lectures: lectures will be organized on the coordination with Ayurvedic Medicine, Naturopathy and Physiotherapy therapies.
  • 6. Educational Tours: Organizing a seven day educational tour of prestigious Yoga Centers. The fee will be deducted.
  • 7. Yoga practice: Organizing yoga practice courses by students of the center in local and external institutions.

Semantic (written) and experimental examination (teaching and yoga practice), total (500 $ 400) will be 900 marks, and both examinations need to be different.

Semitic Subject Points Experimental Subject Points

  • 1. Patanjali Yoga Sutra 100 1. Practice teaching (10 lesson plan) 100
  • 2. The book of yoga (Asana and pranayama) 100
  • 3. Asana 100 3. Yoga and Cultural Coordination 100
  • 4. Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra 50
  • 5. Anatomy and Physiology 100
  • 6. Action 50
  • 7. Yoga and mental health 100
  • 8. Meditation and prayer for 30 minutes 50
  • 9. Ohm's pronunciation and oral 50

Contact - Dr. Dilip Singh Chauhan, Physical Education Department, M.M. 9352500445