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Better understanding of cultural heritage brings pride and politeness.

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Sahitya Sansthan (Institute of Rajasthan Studies) 1941

The institute of Rajasthan Studies, a constituent unit of Vidyapeeth, is a research center of Art and Humanity. It is committed to study cultural heritage, traditional science and technology of the Aravallis with holistic approach. Raised in 1941, it has a very large collection of 600 years old manuscripts, over five thousand archaeological artifacts and old Rajasthani folk songs. The institute has collaborated with many Indian and foreign universities to conduct archaeological excavations in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Some of the major discoveries are Harappan and Bronze Age fortified settlement at Kanmer and Balathal, Harappan seals and identity cards, ancient iron smelting furnaces at Iswal and Nathara ki Pal, very large number of stone tools, dices, beads and coins. The faculty has spearheaded multidisciplinary research projects and presented papers in many countries of Europe and Asia. The institute has over 110 publications and a journal since 1948 to its credit.

The research center is composed of:
1. Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology
2. Department of Languages
3. Archival Cell
4. Antiquity Cell
5. Museum
6. Publication
7. Chairs

Good practices of the center

  • Celebration of World Heritage day, World Museum day, Hindi Pakhwada, Pratap Jayanti, Sanskrit diwas, Matra-bhasa diwas
  • 10 to 5 working for 364 days.
  • Every year field training for students and faculty for archaeological sites
  • Museum Visits
  • Team work
  • Organise conferences, symposia out reach program
  • Retired senior faculty is always associated with the institute



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1st January, 2018